Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Ad for Porsche Dealership

We got super creative with this one. Definitely not your same ole car ad. Working together with Momentum Marketing and their client Porsche of North Houston, we created a truly unique brand and ad campaign.

Porsche of North Houston is one of ONLY 25 Premier Porsche Dealerships in the country and the only one in Houston, TX. They have a new owner who has a real passion for all things Porsche, and that is what sparked this new creative. Porsche of North Houston has "Redefined the Porsche Experience"... so, why not create a new word and define it in a dictionary! Check out the fun spin we put on this one. Here is a new ad that will be popping up in a couple automotive publications (including Sports Car Market Magazine in April).

We are also working on a couple other things for PNH, including their business cards, a brand new website and an exciting new spread ad that will be going in Houston Magazine.

So if you're in the market for a Porsche head over to Porsche of North Houston in Houston, TX. They really are experts in all things Porsche.

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