Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can You Draw?

This past Sunday I went down to the Circular Congregational Church on Meeting Street for their 10:15 service. I went because the night before there was a visual arts show called "...she shall be called Woman" that depicted women in religion. Sundays service was going to stay on that same topic and the artwork would still be displayed in the sanctuary. Basically I had a second chance to see what I missed Saturday night.

It was quite enjoyable and there were some stunning pieces. My favorite was a piece called "Apple Thief" by Fletcher Crossman. As stunning and emotional as the artwork was, what really moved me that morning was a message intended for the children.

All the children were asked to come to the front of the church. Then a question was asked to the adults of the congregation. "Raise your hand if you can draw." I lifted my hand in the air but I was one of only about 10 adults that raised their hand out of a group of about 150+ people. Then the children were asked the same question. Every single one of the children raised their hand high in the air.

As we get older why do we lose that mentality of "I can do anything" ..... "I can be anything". The message to the children was Never Stop Drawing! Who cares if someone says you aren't good. Who are they to say. If you love it, just do it, and don't worry about what other people think.

So, I'm pulling my easel out of the attic and it is time to draw again....join me!

(Here is a charcoal I did of my dog about 6 years ago and this was probably the last time I sketched anything.)