Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's clean it up!

Kit Creative Marketing is excited to be working with a new client, Niddy Griddy Cleaning Service. They are a locally owned and operated full service cleaning company that specialize in residential and commercial.

We had a lot of fun creating their brand. When they came to us they already had a great tagline to work with... "Women helping women have a life!" We took that and ran with it. We went for something girlie and clean. What's more girlie than pink and what says clean more than soapy bubbles. We have created a new logo for them along with a new business card, and brand new mini website.

Below is their new logo. We will post bcard pics soon. They are going to do a fun print technique that will really make the bubbles come to life.

So if your home or office is dirty or just a little messy, call the Niddy Griddy girls!

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